Welcome to the website of Georgia State University’s Student Branch of the IEEE. Started in December 2010, it is a student run organization advised by faculties, from Department of Computer Science at Georgia State University. This main purpose of this organization is to share knowledge and information among students and to harness information sharing and co-operative learning throughout the calendar year. These will be done through organizing different activities, technical talks by inviting experts from various organization and universities, holding meetings, and hosting seminars and classes.

For your information, IEEE is the world’s largest professional association advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its highly-cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing and technology information around the globe.

As a student branch at GSU, our goal is to bridge you to advanced knowledge, innovative technology and career experience. We bring distinguished professors and researchers with their outstanding contributions; we bring leading companies in industrial with their cutting-edge technology, and we also bring our graduates with their personal experience in job hunting and career planning. More benefits for student membership can be found at here. Detailed information about us can be found at IEEE Student Branch @GSU. And more information about IEEE can be found at here. We strongly recommend everybody to join this branch. Membership is also kept free for the first year of operation.


Meet our executive committee

Dr. Rolando Estrada

IEEE Student Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Shihao Ji

IEEE Student Co Advisor

Tushara Sadasivuni


Jaya krishna Mandivarapu

Vice President

Anthony Davis


Madhuri Siddula


Anli Ji

Web Master

Jingjing Wang

Program Chair

Vera Venkata Sai Akshita Maradapu

Membership Chair

Our Speakers

Who’s speaking

Peter Molnar

Data Scientist & Senior Research Scientist at Amazon

Brent Zucker

Lead Machine Learning Engineer at NCR Innovation Lab

Dr.Korin Reid

Vice President, Data Science and Innovation at Craneware

Polo Chau

Associate Professor & Machine Learning Leader

Raj Sunderraman


Jalyn Kelley

IEEE Client Services Manager

Yan Zhu


Schedule Plan

Create an Answer Chat Bot

by Dr. Péter Molnár

12PM - 1PM Feb 18, 2020

Room #223, 25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA

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Machine Learning at NCR Innovation Lab

by Dr. Brent Zucker

Mar 3, 2019

25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA

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Data Science and Innovation at Craneware

by Dr. Korin Reid

Apr 8, 2020

25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA

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Our Events

Latest news

Creating Question & Answer Chatbot with Amazon Lex and Alexa

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a number of Artificial intelligence (AI) services like image and video analysis, natural language, personalized recommendations, virtual assistants, and forecasting, ..., that can be integrated into applications without deep expertise in machine learning. Each of the services can be used standalone, or in concert to create sophisticated human-like functionality. In this workshop, we show you how to deploy a question-and-answer bot using two open-source projects: QnABot and Lex-Web-UI. We demonstrate how to get started quickly using Amazon Lex, Amazon Alexa, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) to provide a conversational chatbot interface.

Towards Secure and Interpretable AI

Street Food Convention will showcase products like Packed food, beef and lamb, street food.

Python Workshop

Street Food Convention will showcase products like Packed food, beef and lamb, street food.

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